Milad Haddadi

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Milad Haddadi is an Architect and one of the founders of ArchiFab, He holds a M.Arch degree from the University of Art (Tehran,Iran 2018). He has received 7 awards from Iran’s National Elites Foundation. He granted scholar award for Studying M.arch degree in University of Sheffeild and also Polytechnic University of Milan(2016). He has been awarded for DADMAN Award in the field of Energy and architecture from Iran ministry of housing and urban development. His research is focusing on  Energy, Digital and Fabrication.

Photography and Parametric 3d modeling of objects  are two important fields that has been expanded his view in Architecture. He believes that Graphic is a connection circle to his projects. He always sees Architecture from climate perspective and looking for scientific frame in his designs. Moreover architectural design, he follows  fabrication of objects and furnitures. He is one of the founders of design and fabrication studio of ArchiFab now and his work fields are Fabrication, climatic architecture, digital architecture, photography and Graphic.

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