دانلود مجموعه پایان نامه های کارشناسی ارشد رشته معماری و انرژی

در این بخش به معرفی پایانامه های کارشناسی ارشد  رشته معماری و انرژی با موضوعات گوناگون می پردازیم. شما در این بخش می توانید به چکیده و فهرست مطالب آن ها به صورت رایگان دسترسی داشته باشید . در ادامه با مطالعه پیشنهادات برای تحقیقات آینده به انتخاب موضوعات پایانامه خود بپردازید. 


برای ورود به فروم تخصصی معماری و انرژی کلیک کنید.

دانشگاه هنر تهران

Studying factors affecting the duration of seasonal transition period in residential buildings

The Thermal Optimization of the Building External Walls, Preserving the Outward Appearance of the Village
(Case study: Rural areas in Hot-arid climate)

Optimizing Window Size Considering Heating and Lighting Parameters in Residential Buildings of Cold Climate

Applying a Passive Solar Element in Rural Housing of Very Cold Climate in Zanjan Province

Designing of Integrated Solar-chimney with Under-grounded heat exchanger channel for preheating in the city of Karaj

Life Cycle Assessment of Thermal Insulation in Tehran Residential Buildings

Parametric Energy Simulation in Early Design Stage: Mid-Rise Residential Buildings in Hot-Arid Climate of Iran

Studying the factors affecting the optimum utilization of daylight in the light wells of Mashhad residential buildings

Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Green Walls in Cold and Hot Seasons During Day and Night in Tehran City Climate

Energy retrofitting for existing buildings’ facade in hot and dry climate of Iran (case study: office building in Esfahan)

Appropriate Dimension of Atrium in Official Buildings in Cold Climate (Hamedan)

Investigation of smart window to reduce cooling load and lighting in Tehran office building

Airflow windows optimization in an educational facility in Shahrekord

Analyzing the Effects of Environmental Factors on Outdoor Thermal Comfort Conditions in a University Campus: A Case Study in University of Birjand

Evaluation of Thermal Comfort in Semi-open Spaces of Vernecular Dwellings in Yazd

The Assessment of the Window Blind’s Effect on Energy Consumption in the Office Buildings of Tehran

Optimizing window size regarding heat gains and light in residential buildings of moderate and humid climatic zone

Optimizing Thermal Mass in Night Ventilation

Daylighting Efficacy of Windows in Traditional Residential Buildings of Hot-arid Climate of Iran

Thermal performance evaluation of “Iwan” in traditional houses in hot arid region

Building cooling in summer using Direct Cooling System in mild humid climate

Investigating Energy labeling for educational buildings in Tehran

موسسه آموزش عالی انرژی ساوه

The Effect of Thermal Insulation on External Shells of Rural Cold Housing in Kurdistan Province